2 Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of Old Windows

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If your windows don’t seem to be as efficient as they once were, you should probably consider a few simple DIY tuneups to improve their efficiency. One simple and affordable project you can do is to change the weatherstripping around the sashes. Another great way to increase the efficiency of your fixtures is to add window film to the glass. Both of these simple projects can be done over the course of a couple of hours. This article explains the benefits of both tuneups and how to do them on your own. Adding Felt Weatherstripping Adding felt weatherstripping to your windows is very simple. The hardest part of the job might be removing the old weatherstripping. With a putty knife, strong household surface cleaner, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can scrape away all of the old weatherstripping. Once the surface is smooth and clean, you can apply your new product. The weatherstripping that is sold in tape rolls is easy to apply. Applying the tape is self-explanatory, and you just need a utility knife to cut it. You should try to apply in one piece. Don’t cut it at every corner of the window because you will be left with small gaps where air can seep into your home. The felt will easily bend around the window corner for a strong, more airtight hold. Applying Tinted Window Film The utility knife is also the most important tool for applying the window film. Window film is sold in sample kits that include the actual film, application liquid and a small squeegee. Basically, you spread the liquid onto the window and then place the film over the glass. You start from the center with the squeegee and wipe down the film until there are no air bubbles. Press the film tightly into the corners. Then, take the utility knife and cut it as close to the sash as possible. Finally, use the squeegee to firmly push down the edges into the corner of the glass. In reality, these 2 simple jobs only take a couple of hours. However, they can certainly increase the efficiency of your windows. Window film will decrease solar absorption while new weatherstripping will ensure that your fixtures are airtight. In the end, you can enjoy windows that make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home without being so reliant on your AC. If you’re in need of bigger window upgrades, speak to a window company like Guardian Windows &...

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Kitchen Renovation – Starting With Windows

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Kitchen renovations come with a lot of big decisions. What kind of cabinetry do you want? What will you do about lighting? How about the flooring? But, what many people neglect to consider is what kind of windows they have installed in their kitchens. If you have a beautiful view from your kitchen, your renovation should include the addition of a large, stunning window to bring the outdoor beauty inside. What kind of windows do you have to choose from? There are so many window designs to choose from. A few of the larger window options to bring the outdoors into your kitchen include: Picture Windows –with or without opening panels Bow Window – with multiple windows that can open Bay Window – typically made of four panels with the two outer windows opening Garden Window – include shelves to hold several planters with herbs or flowers Awning Windows – open from the bottom tilting outwards to allow fresh air in, but keeps the rain out Why should you choose windows before deciding on the layout of the kitchen? Choosing the window first can give you a new perspective in the layout of your kitchen. If you were to choose the cabinetry first, you would have to find a window that would work within the boundaries of the cabinetry layout that you have selected. However, if you choose the window first, you know exactly how much wall space you have to work with for upper cabinetry. How do you utilize the rest of the kitchen to make up for the lost storage space on the walls? If storage is an issue that prevents you from adding more windows, consider installing a center island in your kitchen. This will give you additional cabinet space and provide you with additional counter space to work on. A center island can also make it easier for you to utilize ceiling suspended organizational fixtures. You can hang a pot and pan rack or even suspend shelving from the ceiling. As long as whatever you decide on is installed properly, weight on the rack or shelving shouldn’t be an issue. Adding a big window in the design of your kitchen can help you bring in the natural light and embrace the outdoor scenery. Talk with your local window sales and installation expert, like those at Simpson Windows and Doors, to learn more about your options. He or she will be able to assist you with choosing the window design that will suit your needs and desires as best they...

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How To Perform A Gutter Inspection

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Gutters that aren’t working properly can cause more harm than good. Overflowing gutters may lead to ice dams in winter, water damage to house eaves and walls, foundation damage, or damage may happen to the gutters themselves. A twice annual inspection of your gutters – once in spring and again in fall – is the best way to prevent most issues. #1: Remove the Clogs Unless you have gutter guards installed, you will need to clean out the gutters semi-annually. This primarily consists of scooping out dead leaves and debris that collects in the gutters and disposing of it. Then, use a garden hose to flush out the gutters and to flush any debris down and out of the downspouts. Wear gloves when performing this chore, because there can be some unpleasant items in a gutter. #2: Check for Sags Now that the gutters are clean, perform a quick visual inspection. At this point you are primarily looking for sags in the guttering or areas where the gutters aren’t flush to the roof line. Check that all the clips that hold the gutters in place are present and attached securely. If you find a sagging portion, chances are you have a missing or loose clip that requires replacement. #3: Look for Pooling Water After repairing the obvious damage, look inside the gutters. You may have a problem if there are any areas along the length of the gutter where water has pooled. First, double-check that section to make sure there isn’t a missing clip and a slight sag. If there’s no missing clip, use a level to make sure the slope of the guttering toward the nearest downspout is consistent. You may have to raise or lower the gutter slightly so that it’s level and the water flows toward the downspout. #4: Perform a Leak Test Finally, perform the important leak test. It helps to have a second person with a hose sending water off the roof and into the gutters. You want to check for leaks both from the gutters and from behind the gutters – between the roof eave and the gutter pipes. If you find leaks behind the gutters, either the gutter apron needs replaced or your gutters need adjusted so the water flows into them. Leaks from the gutters themselves mean one of two things. There is either damage to the guttering, necessitating replacement, or the seals on one of the joints has given out. Adding a new gutter clip or a bead of waterproof caulk around the leak can provide a quick fix. If getting up on your roof or performing tedious repairs isn’t for you, schedule a gutter cleaning with a company like WorkPro Window Gutter & Pressure Cleaning Ltd. Most professional gutter cleaners not only perform the cleaning chore, they also provide a full inspection and basic repairs to the gutter system....

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Four Warning Signs to Replace Your Gutters

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Gutter systems are an extremely important part of your home, and help protect your home and roof from water damage, which can be extremely costly to repair. All gutters have a limited lifespan, which is determined by the climate that they are exposed to as well as the material that they are made of. If your gutters have reached the end of their lives and have not been replaced, serious water damage and mold growth can affect your home. Understanding the warning signs of a damaged gutter system can help you replace them before they have a chance to really damage your home. Rust Any rust that appears on your gutters is a sure sign that you will need to replace at least the rusted section. If you see any rust on the exterior of your gutters, get them replaced immediately. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to check the interior of your gutter system before and after the winter and spring seasons. If left unchecked, rust can eat a hole clear through your gutters and allow water to fall near your home, which can cause leaks and flooding in your basement. Sagging If a section of your gutters is sagging, bent, or otherwise dented out of shape to inhibit proper water flow through the entire system, you should have that section replaced. This allows water to stand in your gutters and overflow too close to your home in periods of heavy rainfall, as well as increasing the rate at which your gutters rust out. Check the screws holding the gutter in place – sometimes the problem is simply a missing or damaged screw, which is much cheaper and quicker to fix. Soil Erosion If there are pathways or streams in your garden that are eroding or washing away in periods of heavy rainfall, your gutters are probably leaking large amounts of water into your garden. This means that water can leak into your foundation and basement, or even along the walls of your home. Stains and Peeling Paint If the paint on your home is peeling or if there are rust stains along the sides of your home, this is a sign that water is overflowing or leaking out of your gutters. If this is the case, mold and mildew growth can begin on the exterior walls of your home, which can spread inside and pose a serious health hazard. For assistance, talk to a professional like Eagle...

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3 Makeover Tips To Turn Your Kitchen Into A Country Kitchen

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A country kitchen feels comfortable and cozy, and makes you feel good cooking in it. If you have always wanted a kitchen like this, below are three makeover tips to help you get started. When you get finished, you will have a kitchen that reminds you of grandma’s house. Curtains When choosing curtains for your country kitchen, there are no rules you have to go by. What you choose depends on your décor. For example, some country kitchens use roosters as a decorating idea. If so, you could buy curtains that have roosters along the top and sides of them. Checkered or burlap curtains also look nice. Visit stores that sell curtains, such as Casa Decor, to see what they offer, and to help give you some ideas of what will work best for you. Color Paint colors that work well in a country kitchen include beige, light blue, yellow, white, and even red. Many people choose beige cabinets instead of white. You could paint the walls a light blue and the cabinets a light yellow to give the room a country feel. Those colors work very well together in this type of kitchen. Red would also work well. Do not choose bold red, however, but use something like brick, or any red color that has a washed-out appearance. You do not want the walls to be overpowering. You could also paint your cabinets, table, and chairs red. Pastel green also works well on the walls with the cabinets a light beige. Countertop A granite countertop paired with a butcher-block island works well for a country kitchen look. Granite countertops are available in a variety of color shades, such as beige, coral, green, and white. You can choose from two finishes for the countertop: honed and polished. Honed looks the best, as it is more matte instead of shiny like polished looks. The butcher-block countertop will make your kitchen feel cozy. This type of countertop is made of strips of wood that are bonded together. You can chop and slice your vegetables, fruits, etc. right on your countertop. In most cases, a butcher-block countertop is made of maple, but you can also purchase it in walnut, cherry, or oak. Once you use these tips to create your country kitchen, you need to think about how to decorate it. Put artwork on the wall in old wood frames, a mason jar as your utensil holder, a checkered tablecloth on your table, a country rug on the floor in front of the door, and...

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