For some people living in regions near the coast, hurricane shutters are a necessity. You may have gotten by in the past simply by avoiding the path of the hurricane through luck, or by boarding up your windows. However, will this be enough for you in the future? Here's why you should consider hurricane shutters.

Bigger and Badder Hurricanes

It's an unfortunate fact that climate change is underway. As the temperatures around the world have started to climb, many regions, including the coastlines of the United States, have started to see more hurricanes than before. In addition, these hurricanes tend to be worse than their prior counterparts.

What this means for you is that hurricanes in the future may have a bigger impact on your home. Severe hurricanes can cause excessive damage to homes, and boarding up your windows may not be enough to keep the worst of it out of your house. While you may have made it through hurricanes in the past by just doing this, if the trend continues, you could experience severe damage to your home without the aid of hurricane shutters, which tend to be stronger and more reliable than simply boarding up your windows.


While it isn't certain, it's possible that hurricane insurance may call for hurricane shutters in the future. Insurance companies always expect their policyholders to enact certain pre-emptive steps in order to minimize the damage to their homes. While hurricane shutters aren't always a requirement at this time, that may change in the future, especially if your home experiences repeated damage from hurricanes that could have otherwise been avoided with hurricane shutters.


While hurricanes typically have a long way to go before they reach the coastline of the United States, hurricanes are also becoming more erratic in their path as years go by. This often leads to those who were expecting a hurricane only experiencing minor impact, while the hurricane changes course and damages other areas that weren't expecting it.

In times like these, getting hurricane shutters means saving a lot of time. Rushing to the store to buy materials to board up your windows can put you into a panic, especially when store shelves are wiped out and there's not much time until landfall. If your home already has hurricane shutters, though, all you need to do is to get them closed and your home is protected.

Hurricane shutters can save your windows and the interior of your home from excessive water and wind damage from hurricanes. Protect your home now so you don't have to try and recover from extreme damage instead.