Are you lucky enough to have a spectacular view from your home, maybe a majestic valley beneath your property? If so, you more than likely want to capitalize on that view by having a patio that overlooks the scenery. From selecting glass railings that will add safety to the patio area to choosing the patio furniture, here are some ideas that might help you to design something unique.

Glass Railings - Imagine looking through a plate glass window of a tour bus and seeing all the sights you pass. Or, picture yourself at an aquarium, looking through glass at the various fish and other water animals. That's what you can experience when you install glass railings as part of your patio design. Besides the fact that the glass railings will add safety to the area and besides the fact that they will allow you to see the beauty beneath, the glass will be sturdy enough to go through inclement weather. In addition, it will be easy to maintain. You might be surprised at how affordable glass railings are. And, that expense might be some of the best money you have spent on your home decorating. 

Consider the type of material you want to use with the glass panels. For example, if you want a traditional look, think of choosing dark wood for the material. Choose dark wood for a rustic look, too. If you want a contemporary look, go with metal to accompany the glass panels. And, if you want a bit of an old-fashioned look, go with white wood, kind of like a white picket fence. 

The Patio Furniture - Is the enclosed patio area large enough for a table and chairs where you and others can share a meal? Imagine eating and looking through the glass railings at the same time. You'll never tire of it, will you? If the area isn't large enough for a table, consider buying comfortable chairs, maybe even rocking chairs, where your family and friends can simply relax and visit while you take in the view. If you went with dark wood for the material that accompanies the glass railings, think of buying wooden patio furniture, too. If you went with a more contemporary look, think of choosing metal furniture. Weather resistant white wicker patio furniture would be great if you went with white for the material that was used with the glass railings.