The look and value of your home is important, so you probably understand why maintaining an attractive curb appeal that is in good condition is necessary. Unfortunately, you may not realize the role of your windows in regards to your home's curb appeal and value. Replacing old windows will be an expense, but a worthwhile investment for your home and family. If you have old windows, here are a few dangers you may not be familiar with.

Energy Waste

Heating and cooling your home is costly in the best situations. Without proper insulation, heating and cooling your home can be expensive and wasteful.

Conditioned air can escape through old windows in a variety of ways. If the seals are worn or failing, the windows will not insulate your home sufficiently, allowing heated and cooled air to escape. On the other hand, without the proper seals, the hot or cold air from the outdoors may enter your home.

In both cases, old windows will increase your need to run your heat or air conditioning longer in an attempt to reach and maintain your desired temperatures.

By replacing old windows, you will be able to heat and cool your home in a more energy efficient manner.

Moisture Problems

While surprising for many homeowners to learn, old windows can lead to moisture problems inside your home.

Since old windows that lack proper insulation affect your ability to heat and cool your home efficiently, you may begin to notice condensation building up on the glass. This condensation may not seem like a big problem, but over time, it can lead to serious humidity issues.

High levels of humidity can damage your home in a variety of ways. You may notice wood is warping and your upholstery, rugs, window treatments, and carpet feel damp. This excess moisture also increases the risk of mold growth, which can lead to a variety of health problems, such as allergies and respiratory issues.

Replacing your old windows with new models will help you maintain healthy humidity levels in the home.


Finally, old windows and the paint used on the frames may contain lead. The presence of lead is most common in homes built before 1978. Of course, you may not realize the dangers of lead-based paint.

If you have children, are currently pregnant, or considering becoming pregnant, lead should be a big concern, since it affects the brain's development.

Lead poisoning has also been linked to high-blood pressure and kidney damage, which can both be life-threatening.

If you notice paint peeling or chipping around your windows and your home was built before 1978, replacing your windows is imperative.

A new window installation may be an expense, but they will be a smart investment for your home, finances, and health.