There are many different types of shades that you can have installed in your home. While rolling shades can be an extremely common option, there are some homeowners that will lack the experience needed to know what factors to consider as they are buying their new shades. If you are curious about the steps that are needed to get the most out of the new shades that you buy for your home, there are some important steps.

Opt For A Light Color

The color of the shades will play a major role in the amount of heat that they can absorb. When homeowners opt for shades that are dark in color, they may find that the temperature in the room starts to become more difficult to control. By opting for shades that are light in color, you will be able to ensure that as much of the sun's heat and light are reflected. While you may want to favor opting for shades that are light in color, it can also be a good idea to choose shades that are as thick as possible. This will make them more effective at blocking the light.

Keep The Shades Closed During Hot Or Cold Weather Extremes

Whether the shades are opened or closed can be another factor that will impact their energy efficiency. This is due to the ability of the shades to prevent cold or hot air coming from the glass from being able to circulate throughout the house. For this reason, homeowners should keep their shades in the closed position during periods of temperature extremes. While the benefits of closing the shades may seem minor, it can have a noticeable effect during periods of intense temperatures.

Regularly Clean The Roller Shades

Roller shutters can be aesthetically pleasing, and space-efficient. However, they will have numerous mechanical components that can suffer extensive damage if they are allowed to become dirty. This is due to the dirt and dust being able to clog the moving components so that they will become stuck. For the best results, you should clean your roller shades every couple of weeks. During this maintenance, you should use a duster to remove any light dirt or dust from the exterior of the shades. After doing this, a damp cloth can be used to remove any dirt that was left behind. When you are cleaning the shades, using a wiping motion that moves away from any mechanical components. Otherwise, you may inadvertently move these substances into a position where they can more easily damage the shades.

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