If you're looking for a window treatment that will go well with just about any home and décor, you need to consider wood shutters. Not only will wood shutters add beauty to your home, but they'll also add security and increase energy efficiency. One of the things that make wood shutters so versatile is that you can leave them a natural wood finish or paint them to match the colors in your home. Once you have your new wood shutters, you'll need to provide routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Here are four simple steps you can take to care for your new shutters.

Start With a Good Sealant

If you've decided to leave your new shutters their natural wood color, you'll need to start with a good sealant. Applying a generous coat of sealant will help keep your shutters clean, and will prevent warping and sun damage. Once your shutters are sealed, it's a good idea to apply a fresh coat about once every couple of years. This will ensure that your shutters remain protected against damage.

Use the Right Duster

When it comes to keeping your shutters clean, the best thing you can do is dust them off at least once a week. However, you need to use the right duster. You don't want to use a duster that simply pushes the dirt around and leaves it in the crevices. Instead, you want to use a natural feather duster or microfiber duster to remove as much of the dust and debris as possible.

Remove Wetness Immediately

If you've gone with the natural wood shutters, you'll want to avoid water stains and spots. The best way to do that is to keep them dry. If your shutters do get wet, be sure to dry them with a soft cloth as soon as possible. If your shutters happen to get wet with a dark substance, such as juice or soda, use a damp cloth to remove the liquid and then dry with a soft cloth.

Never Use Cleaning Solutions

When it comes to cleaning your wood shutters, you shouldn't clean them with harsh cleaning solutions. Instead, fill a bucket with warm water and wipe your shutters down with a damp cloth. If your shutters have gotten very dirty, add about a ¼ cup of either vinegar or lemon juice to the water before cleaning. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and then allow to air dry.

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