Windows are pretty important in your home, but you may not have considered how much so until you have lived in a home with very few of them. They provide for than just a way to see outside your home and in fact, homes with very few windows can actually cause anxiety for people who live there. Consider the following when you are thinking about replacing your windows.

Windows Provide More Than Light

The primary function of a window is to allow us to see outside our home while being inside. In the early days of settling this country, glass windows were very hard to get so often cabins and homes built by settlers did not have windows in them. Some had windows that had no glass in them, but it wasn't until they figured out how to ship the glass safely it to the west coast that it started to become widely used. Adding a glass window in those days was almost a status symbol for many families. If you had real glass windows, you had a nice house.

Keeping the Weather Outside

While it is nice to be able to sit and watch the snow fall, it is nicer to do it from inside your home where it is warm. Unless of course your windows need to be replaced and are letting that cold air in. If you windows are leaving you wanting more weather protection, you might want to talk to a window or glass shop about checking them out to see if they can be fixed or if replacement is the best option. In some cases, the windows are too old, and it is better to replace them with new windows that are much more energy efficient. New windows can keep your house warmer all winter, cooler all summer, and make sitting watching that snowfall much more pleasant.

New Windows Increase Property Value

A home with new windows in it can be appealing to buyers if you are considering selling it. They can raise the property value quite a bit during the appraisal process and allow you to ask a higher price for your home. Because buyers are often looking for more energy-efficient homes, new windows in the house could be the thing that makes a buyer choose your home over another that they are considering.  If the windows are only a few years old, then changing them again does not make sense but if you were considering it anyway, changing them before you list the property is a great idea.

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