Window replacement is obviously a very major home improvement project. It can cost a lot of money and has a big impact on the style and functionality of your home. Best of all, new windows are going to greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home, ultimately reducing your utility bills. If you are going to invest in new windows, you need to closely consider all of the possible materials for the window sashes. The material of the window sash is important because it affects the operation, functionality, and insulation of the actual window. Homeowners in different climates and with different budgets are going to prefer different materials. This article explains and compares a few of the most popular residential window sash materials.

Wooden Sashes

In many ways, wooden window sashes are a thing of the past. That is, it is very rare to find new wooden windows that are 100% made out of wood. Most modern window sashes will only have a wooden veneer. That is, the actual structure, and the part that holds the window panes is made out of a vinyl or another synthetic material. Then, it is covered with wood so it looks a little more stylish. Regardless, wood is going to be susceptible to sun and water your damage. This means that the homeowner needs to do their part to protect their sash from the elements by restaining the wood on a regular basis. Basically, wooden windows might be very popular and stylish, but they are probably the most high maintenance of all the possible products.

Vinyl Sashes

If you want something that is much easier take care of, you should just consider a material like vinyl. Vinyl is not susceptible to water damage, it will not warp, the colors want to fade as dramatically, and it is easier to clean. Many people think that vinyl is going to be ugly, but it can actually look great. Most people prefer a window sash that is just a solid material. If you just want a single color, vinyl is perfect.However, vinyl does come in a variety of colors, prints, and textures. These can look great, but it depends on how they match with your existing decor. For instance, in a modern home, vinyl sashes can look great. However, if everything on the inside of your home is rustic and made out of wood, having vinyl windows might look awkward.

In the end, both vinyl and wood are great siding materials, but it is really a matter of choosing between low maintenance and style. To learn more, contact a window installation company near you.