When it comes time to remodeling a bathroom, focusing on the shower is a great way to add some detail, design, and value to the space. You want to look at shower doors that are modern, and there are many new glass styles to choose from. You want to look at your current shower, measure the door and what you can do with the space that opens up to the shower, and then you want to consider the following things when making a selection.

All Glass

When you start to browse shower door options you will see that glass is a popular trend. It helps to make the shower and the bathroom look bigger because you can see the entire space, and it allows natural light and overhead lighting to flow through the space. You can look at doors that slide like traditional shower doors, or you can find options that open up like French doors. This can also create an intimate setting in the space.

Thicker the Better

You don't want to worry about the door getting slammed and broken, or something chipping or scratching the glass easily. You want to get a thick glass option so that the heat stays in the shower while you are in there, and so that you don't have to worry about cracks and breaks in your glass. This also helps to reduce noise from the shower in the master bedroom.

Go High

Getting tall glass shower doors will help draw eyes upwards, and it will help to give the appearance that the room is taller and that the space is larger than it is. This is great if you have a smaller space that sometimes feels cramped, and if your old shower doors were causing the shower space to seem dark.

If you aren't considering it, you may want to think about getting rid of the shower shell, and instead having the shower tiled. Tiles can be used for the walls and the floor of the shower, and then the glass doors are installed to complete the shower. This will save you space in the shower to improve the size to wash, and it will help to make the space more modern. There are a lot of ways that you can improve the master bath, but focusing on the shower and the hardware and doors is a great way to make a big impact when you decide to make changes. Learn more by contacting services like Beach Glass & Window Company.