You look at your front door and realize that it has been the same door for decades. You have been pricing new entry doors for some time now, but either the look of the doors is not quite what you had in mind, or the doors that interest you cost too much. Maybe you should come at this problem a different way. Change the look of your door without actually changing your door. Here is how.

Paint It

You would be surprised how different a front door looks when you paint it. When it was white yesterday and green, red, navy blue, etc. today, it just totally transforms the front of your house. Pick a color that really stands out against the color of your siding, and you have one very striking, very new-looking front door. If you are not sure how to go about this, hire a professional painter to show you some different ways your door could be painted, and then have the painter do the job.

Install Side Lights

Side lights is the official name given to any vertical windows on either side of your front door. You can get very elaborate ones or very simple ones. Because they would take up space previously occupied by a wall and some siding, you will need either a construction contractor or a window contractor that knows how to install them. Framing the door in side lights makes your door look as though you replaced the door entirely.

Swap out the Screen or Storm Door

A screen or storm door changes the front door's appearance as well. Since you can also buy these doors in various styles and colors, you could trade whatever screen or storm door you currently have for something that really pops. There are several doors that are not only colored, but are also energy-efficient, making this much-less-expensive purchase worth every penny.

Swap out the Hardware

Change your door's hardware for something shinier or more distinct. If you do not have a peephole, install a door knocker with a peephole. Opt for a new keyless entry lock, or even one of those new, high-tech smart locks. Add decorative hardware where there was none before, such as metal framing to raised door panels or metal tracery to door windows, if you have windows in your entry door. Anything you can do to dress up the door automatically makes a very plain door look new. Of course, you could also replace your door with a brand new one from a company like Clear Choice Exteriors, Your Local Window Depot.