Over time, a door frame can become worn out and can stop functioning properly. If you need to have a door frame replaced, you should be aware of some important terminology involved in the decision of choosing the right frame and door for your replacement. 

The following are five important terms you need to understand if you're having a door frame replaced on the inside or outside of your home:

Casing or trim

Casing or trim is typically a decorative aspect of a door frame assembly. The casing or trim is a type of molding that will surround the entire door frame. It can accentuate the design of a door frame and allow a simple door frame to appear more ornate and stately. Casing or trim can come in a wide variety of textures, shapes, and colors.

Your casing needs to fit in with both your new door and the overall design scheme of your home's facade for exterior doors or the rest of the room in which the door is placed for interior doors. 


Any door frame needs to include a doorstop. The stop prevents the door itself from swinging too far. The stop consists of a simple strip made of wood or whatever material the frame is made from. It extends all the way around the door's inside.


Panels are different segments that make up the door itself. While they are separate from the frame, it's important to make note of the fact that the dimensions of panels in the door will be determined by the dimensions of the door frame itself.


When you're choosing a door frame replacement, you need to decide whether an inswing or outswing is appropriate. This decision will impact what design and hardware you choose in your door frame.

Interior doors located along a hallway typically have an inswing. On the other hand, a front door or exterior door will often have an outswing and open toward the outside to make more room in an entryway or interior.  

Left/right handed hinges

Door frames can have hinges placed on either the left or right side. The placement of hinges depends on a variety of factors including the surroundings of the door frame and where hinges are placed on other doors in the house. Typically, hinge placement should be consistent with other doors and door frames placed in the same residence. 

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