When one of the windows in your home needs to be replaced, one of the first decisions that you'll need to make is whether to do the work yourself or hire a remodeling contractor. There are benefits to each solution, but where window replacement is concerned, you'll generally find that the nature of the window you're replacing will at least partially dictate whether you should do the work yourself or hire a trained professional. For easier jobs, you might feel comfortable rolling up your sleeves. However, for these three windows, a professional is the right call.

Second-Level Windows

If there's a need to replace any of the windows on the second floor of your home, it's generally a better idea to have a professional remodeling contractor do the work for you. In most window replacement jobs, the window needs to be accessed from each side during the project. This means that while some of the work may be completed from the inside, other parts of the job will require standing on a ladder at a precarious height. This isn't a task that you want to tackle — especially if the nature of the window is such that it needs to be installed from the outside.

Bay Windows

Replacing a bay window is a large-scale project for which you won't regret hiring a contractor. This task is difficult and requires expertise in a couple ways. If the replacement bay window comes as one unit, it will be extremely heavy — and likely more than you want to lift with the help of a friend or neighbor. If the window comes as multiple pieces, it requires a high degree of precision to install them all together. Either way, a professional is the right call for this job.

Sliding Door

Although it's not technically called a window, a sliding glass door — like you might have to access your patio — is essentially a window. It's a large frame with multiple panels of glass, but the added challenge is that one of the panes of glass slides back and forth. This is another job for a professional. A sliding glass door is heavy and awkward. It might take three or four people just to lift it into position. Additionally, the door needs to be perfectly installed horizontally. If it's on the slightest angle, the sliding half of the door may not slide properly, resulting in challenges each time you use it.

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