The openings in your home are a major cause of air leaks that cause cold drafts and warm air currents. What can be done to stop air leaks at windows in your home? Replacement windows are one option to consider, but they are also costly. Instead of installing new windows, here are some affordable improvements to stop air leaks for existing windows:

1. Adding Shutters for Natural Light, Stopping Leaks, and Storm Protection

Shutters on windows and doors should be functional to get benefits that include:

  • Control of natural lighting
  • Security and storm protection
  • Reduced energy loss

On older homes, shutters have been installed that were only for aesthetic purposes and basically just screwed to the side of the exterior. Today, functional shutters are an affordable and practical window improvement to save energy. The additional benefits like security and privacy make installing shutters on your home a good investment.

2. Add Insulation to Windows with The Installation of Good Curtains

Insulating windows with good curtains is also a good energy improvement for windows. To get the most from your investment in window treatments, have a professional service measure and install curtains. Use thicker curtains with a white backing to get the most energy savings. The high-quality curtains will reduce heat gain during the summer and energy loss during the winter months. For passive heating during the winter months, you can use a thinner material for curtains that get the most direct sunlight. Double the curtains and leave the thicker curtains open during the day, but close them at night to keep windows insulated from the cold outside.

3. Adding Window Treatments That Reduce Energy Loss with Blinds and Shades

There are also other thermal type window treatments that may be more affordable. Thermal wood blinds fit tightly in your window opening and will reduce energy loss. Shades are another option that you may want to consider improving the energy efficiency of your home. These less expensive options are good for small budgets, homes with a lot of windows or areas of your home that you use less. Plantation shutters are another options, which are interior shutters that install in window openings and are more like blinds.

Blinds, curtains, and other window treatments are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Contact a window treatment service to help with the improvements to reduce energy loss in your home.