On average, houses sit on the market for just under 50 days, depending on the local housing market. And while bidding wars do happen in some markets, they are not the norm. Most houses sell for less than their asking price and take a bit longer to sell than agents and owners would like. If you're trying to sell your home fast and for top dollar, there are some things you can do to ensure a speedy sale. Forget about sprucing up or remodeling the inside. Right now, the money is in curb appeal. Put your renovation budget in these four key areas. 

Windows and Insulation

Energy efficiency is all the rage. While new windows and insulation may not make a huge difference aesthetically, your potential buyers will love the savings that they will glean from the upgrades. If you want to recoup your investment, however, you must tell buyers about the improvements through effective advertising. You may also wish to upgrade the appliances so you can market your house as an energy-efficient home. 

Siding and Paint

A fresh coat of paint or siding can go a long way in attracting buyers. A fresh, clean exterior will make the home feel updated and inviting. If your exterior is in good shape, give it a good power wash to brighten it up a little. Buyers will not look past the dirt. A dirty exterior will give them the impression that the house is tired and rundown. You have to show them how great your house truly is.

Landscaping and Sidewalks

When you're trying to sell your home, you should always consider its curb appeal. In addition to installing attractive, easy-to-maintain landscaping, pay attention to your yard. A lush green yard is easy and inexpensive to create, yet you will receive a return on your investment of up to 300 percent. If your sidewalks are crumbling, you may want to consider fixing them. 

Ramps and Doors

People are looking for easily accessible homes these days. Consider widening your entry doors and installing at least one attractive entry ramp. The more accessible your home is, the more it will appeal to all the buyers on the market. 

As you can see, kitchens and baths, while important, do not sell homes like they did in the past. If you want your home to sell, make sure it looks great in photos and from the street. For more information, visit a site like http://www.misterwindowanddoor.com.