New windows through a place like Energy Star Construction can do so much for your home. They can make your property more energy efficient and sound proof. They effectively upgrade both the interior and exterior of your home. They can also make your property look more modern and ultimately add value to it. However, not all of the products on the market are equal. This article explains why fiberglass has become one of the most popular materials in modern window construction. Not only are new homes often being built with fiberglass windows, remodelers are choosing fiberglass because it such a useful product.

The Finish on Fiberglass Windows

The finish on fiberglass window sashes makes it an ideal window material. First of all, it's very hard. Fiberglass itself is slightly flexible, but the paint finish makes it harder. Fiberglass is paint with electrostatic techniques that reinforce the material. This paint finish is resistant to scratching and fading. The fact that fiberglass is slightly flexible is also very beneficial in many instances. For example, in areas with severe winds, a bendable sash is less likely to break or crack. Also, movable windows, especially vertically sliding sashes that are often slammed, have a risk of breaking. Fiberglass can endure this wear and tear.

One disadvantage to electrostatic painted fiberglass frames is that they cannot be painted. That is, painting on top of such smooth hard surface is not a good idea. The paint finish will not stick well and it is likely to rub off over time. When you choose fiberglass windows, you won't be able to repaint them whenever you want to change the colors in your home.

Fiberglass Finish is Customizable

Despite the fact that you cannot practically change the color of your windows after they are installed, you will still be impressed by all the style options to choose from. Essentially, you can choose from any color, as well as a variety of textures and sheens. This allows you a lot of freedom to choose a unique and fun finish. A white window with a low sheen and slight eggshell texture is going to look very different from a white window with high gloss and no texture. Most manufacturers make the most popular colors and will have them in stock. If you want a unique color that is not in the catalogs, you need to find a manufacturer who does custom coloring. These are more expensive but usually very easy to find.