If your windows don't seem to be as efficient as they once were, you should probably consider a few simple DIY tuneups to improve their efficiency. One simple and affordable project you can do is to change the weatherstripping around the sashes. Another great way to increase the efficiency of your fixtures is to add window film to the glass. Both of these simple projects can be done over the course of a couple of hours. This article explains the benefits of both tuneups and how to do them on your own.

Adding Felt Weatherstripping

Adding felt weatherstripping to your windows is very simple. The hardest part of the job might be removing the old weatherstripping. With a putty knife, strong household surface cleaner, and a little bit of elbow grease, you can scrape away all of the old weatherstripping. Once the surface is smooth and clean, you can apply your new product. The weatherstripping that is sold in tape rolls is easy to apply. Applying the tape is self-explanatory, and you just need a utility knife to cut it. You should try to apply in one piece. Don't cut it at every corner of the window because you will be left with small gaps where air can seep into your home. The felt will easily bend around the window corner for a strong, more airtight hold.

Applying Tinted Window Film

The utility knife is also the most important tool for applying the window film. Window film is sold in sample kits that include the actual film, application liquid and a small squeegee. Basically, you spread the liquid onto the window and then place the film over the glass. You start from the center with the squeegee and wipe down the film until there are no air bubbles. Press the film tightly into the corners. Then, take the utility knife and cut it as close to the sash as possible. Finally, use the squeegee to firmly push down the edges into the corner of the glass.

In reality, these 2 simple jobs only take a couple of hours. However, they can certainly increase the efficiency of your windows. Window film will decrease solar absorption while new weatherstripping will ensure that your fixtures are airtight. In the end, you can enjoy windows that make it easier to maintain a consistent temperature inside your home without being so reliant on your AC. If you're in need of bigger window upgrades, speak to a window company like Guardian Windows & Doors.