Kitchen renovations come with a lot of big decisions. What kind of cabinetry do you want? What will you do about lighting? How about the flooring? But, what many people neglect to consider is what kind of windows they have installed in their kitchens. If you have a beautiful view from your kitchen, your renovation should include the addition of a large, stunning window to bring the outdoor beauty inside.

What kind of windows do you have to choose from?

There are so many window designs to choose from. A few of the larger window options to bring the outdoors into your kitchen include:

  • Picture Windows –with or without opening panels
  • Bow Window – with multiple windows that can open
  • Bay Window – typically made of four panels with the two outer windows opening
  • Garden Window – include shelves to hold several planters with herbs or flowers
  • Awning Windows – open from the bottom tilting outwards to allow fresh air in, but keeps the rain out

Why should you choose windows before deciding on the layout of the kitchen?

Choosing the window first can give you a new perspective in the layout of your kitchen. If you were to choose the cabinetry first, you would have to find a window that would work within the boundaries of the cabinetry layout that you have selected. However, if you choose the window first, you know exactly how much wall space you have to work with for upper cabinetry.

How do you utilize the rest of the kitchen to make up for the lost storage space on the walls?

If storage is an issue that prevents you from adding more windows, consider installing a center island in your kitchen. This will give you additional cabinet space and provide you with additional counter space to work on. A center island can also make it easier for you to utilize ceiling suspended organizational fixtures. You can hang a pot and pan rack or even suspend shelving from the ceiling. As long as whatever you decide on is installed properly, weight on the rack or shelving shouldn't be an issue.

Adding a big window in the design of your kitchen can help you bring in the natural light and embrace the outdoor scenery. Talk with your local window sales and installation expert, like those at Simpson Windows and Doors, to learn more about your options. He or she will be able to assist you with choosing the window design that will suit your needs and desires as best they can.