Gutter systems are an extremely important part of your home, and help protect your home and roof from water damage, which can be extremely costly to repair. All gutters have a limited lifespan, which is determined by the climate that they are exposed to as well as the material that they are made of. If your gutters have reached the end of their lives and have not been replaced, serious water damage and mold growth can affect your home. Understanding the warning signs of a damaged gutter system can help you replace them before they have a chance to really damage your home.


Any rust that appears on your gutters is a sure sign that you will need to replace at least the rusted section. If you see any rust on the exterior of your gutters, get them replaced immediately. Furthermore, it would be a good idea to check the interior of your gutter system before and after the winter and spring seasons. If left unchecked, rust can eat a hole clear through your gutters and allow water to fall near your home, which can cause leaks and flooding in your basement.


If a section of your gutters is sagging, bent, or otherwise dented out of shape to inhibit proper water flow through the entire system, you should have that section replaced. This allows water to stand in your gutters and overflow too close to your home in periods of heavy rainfall, as well as increasing the rate at which your gutters rust out. Check the screws holding the gutter in place – sometimes the problem is simply a missing or damaged screw, which is much cheaper and quicker to fix.

Soil Erosion

If there are pathways or streams in your garden that are eroding or washing away in periods of heavy rainfall, your gutters are probably leaking large amounts of water into your garden. This means that water can leak into your foundation and basement, or even along the walls of your home.

Stains and Peeling Paint

If the paint on your home is peeling or if there are rust stains along the sides of your home, this is a sign that water is overflowing or leaking out of your gutters. If this is the case, mold and mildew growth can begin on the exterior walls of your home, which can spread inside and pose a serious health hazard. For assistance, talk to a professional like Eagle Eavestroughing.