A country kitchen feels comfortable and cozy, and makes you feel good cooking in it. If you have always wanted a kitchen like this, below are three makeover tips to help you get started. When you get finished, you will have a kitchen that reminds you of grandma's house.


When choosing curtains for your country kitchen, there are no rules you have to go by. What you choose depends on your décor. For example, some country kitchens use roosters as a decorating idea. If so, you could buy curtains that have roosters along the top and sides of them. Checkered or burlap curtains also look nice. Visit stores that sell curtains, such as Casa Decor, to see what they offer, and to help give you some ideas of what will work best for you.


Paint colors that work well in a country kitchen include beige, light blue, yellow, white, and even red. Many people choose beige cabinets instead of white.

You could paint the walls a light blue and the cabinets a light yellow to give the room a country feel. Those colors work very well together in this type of kitchen.

Red would also work well. Do not choose bold red, however, but use something like brick, or any red color that has a washed-out appearance. You do not want the walls to be overpowering. You could also paint your cabinets, table, and chairs red. Pastel green also works well on the walls with the cabinets a light beige.


A granite countertop paired with a butcher-block island works well for a country kitchen look. Granite countertops are available in a variety of color shades, such as beige, coral, green, and white. You can choose from two finishes for the countertop: honed and polished. Honed looks the best, as it is more matte instead of shiny like polished looks.

The butcher-block countertop will make your kitchen feel cozy. This type of countertop is made of strips of wood that are bonded together. You can chop and slice your vegetables, fruits, etc. right on your countertop. In most cases, a butcher-block countertop is made of maple, but you can also purchase it in walnut, cherry, or oak.

Once you use these tips to create your country kitchen, you need to think about how to decorate it. Put artwork on the wall in old wood frames, a mason jar as your utensil holder, a checkered tablecloth on your table, a country rug on the floor in front of the door, and more.